Promfaсtor LLC is a manufacturing company that has been producing TM PF low-voltage equipment for more than 20 years.

Today, the company has its own testing laboratory: lines and stands, process equipment, which is being tested and accredited. We are improving our production technologies, since this is an important direction of technical progress and improvement of production efficiency. We invite you to cooperation!

Our history
Creation of a production enterprise LLC Promfaktor in the city. Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine.
Obtaining a permit for the production of low-voltage equipment and registration of the PF trademark. Organization of production of high-quality low-voltage equipment.
2006 - 2011
Successful delivery of checks for compliance with the systems of the international quality control standard of production ISO 9001 and ISO 9001: 2009 for 5 years.
Entrance to the international market and opening of the industrial enterprise JSC “Promfactor Baltic” in the industrial metro station Siauliai, Lithuania. Obtaining the European certificate of quality CE and the status of a European manufacturer.
The beginning of the activities of the project department, whose vocation is to introduce innovative energy-efficient solutions for industrial and civil construction and the opening of a workshop for the production of low-voltage complete devices.
Due to the increased demand in the international markets for low-voltage equipment TM PF, representative offices were established:  
•  LLC «Promfactor Georgia» - Tbilisi, Georgia;  
•  LLC «Promfactor Polska» -  Krakow, Poland.
Modern “Promfactor” is a group of companies that supply low-voltage equipment to Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Georgia, Romania and Moldova.

Promfactor is a group of companies:

Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine

Siauliai, Republic of Lithuania

Tbilisi, Georgia


Our mission: to produce high-quality, affordable and reliable equipment to make you feel safe.

Our goal: to become a leading manufacturer of high-quality, affordable and reliable equipment, implement comprehensive solutions in the energy sector: from design to service of energy-efficient modern devices in Europe.

We want to be useful to our client and everything that we do is directed not only to satisfy our Client, but also to exceed his expectations.
For you, we are introducing Super Service!

«You have to run as fast as you can to stay in place, but to get somewhere you have to run at least twice as fast» © Lewis Carroll.
We believe that in the modern world nothing stands still and changes are becoming the new norm, therefore we constantly learn, develop and improve, do not stop at the achieved result and look for opportunities for self-realization and strive to be the best.

We are doing everything possible and impossible for our partners to get benefits and competitive market advantages by cooperating with us. And having become our partner, we guarantee that you will stay with us for many years.

In today's world, speed and efficiency is the main competitive advantage, so our actions are aimed at optimizing both production processes and service, and all in order that you would be comfortable working with us. We must be faster and better than our competitors and prove it daily with actions.

PROMFACTOR is one team that is focused on results, we think we are doing, we respect everyone’s time and do not lose opportunity.
We are different, but it helps us to become better, develop a company and achieve goals.

If a problem or error occurs, we accept them and promptly correct and find solutions, act according to honor and conscience, and not in accordance with our wishes and needs. We always strive to improve and bring something new in the life of our team, department and company as a whole.

This does not mean that our entire team consists of optimists, but we remember that only one small positive opinion can make the whole day better.

We are proud to have the best customers